Frequently Biked Questions

Why is Citi Bike breaking into web3?

Managing our physical fleet has been a real challenge.

Is this real?

This account is parody but the game is real.

What is Citi Bike Race?

Citi Bike Race is a game that transforms every Citi Bike in NYC into an NFT. Go to any Citi Bike dock, open the Citi Bike Race app, and scan a bike QR to mint.
Once you’ve minted a bike, your distance score begins counting. The rarer the bike, the faster it travels. At the end of 10 days, the 5 riders with the top distance scores will be rewarded the prize money. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your bikes because any bike can be viciously stolen from your collection.

How do I enter the race?

A player automatically enters the race the moment you mint a Citi Bike NFT using the official Citi Bike Race app.
If you have questions about how to get started with crypto wallet, minting bikes, or for a way to enter the race without obligation, send us a direct message on Twitter and we'll respond ASAP.

What is the prize pool?

The prize pool is comprised of the proceeds from all bike mints and a share of steal fees. At the end of 10 days, the top 5 riders with the highest distance scores will split the prize money as follows:

  • 1st place: 50%
  • 2nd place: 25%
  • 3nd place: 12.5%
  • 4nd place: 7.5%
  • 5th place: 5%

How is the distance score calculated?

A bike multiplier is calculated based on your bike’s attribute scores which are randomly generated upon minting. The higher the multiplier, the faster you will travel. All 24,000 available Citibike NFTs in NYC have five attributes: Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Traction, and Brakes.

Can a bike be minted multiple times?

No, 1 Bike = 1 NFT. But if you find a bike that’s already been minted, you can steal it.

I’m a good person, why would I steal a bike?

Great question! The fewer bikes your opponents hold, the slower they go. Stealing is a great way to get ahead of your competition and displaying cutthroat prowess. Trailing behind another racer? Steal one of their bikes!
To steal a bike, you need to pay the current steal price for that NFT (starting at 0.0058 ETH for every bike). Each time a bike is subsequently stolen, its steal price increases by roughly 50% so keep an eye on your favorite bikes!

What happens if someone steals my bike?

If your bike is stolen – don’t worry – you’ll receive back 100% what you paid for it. The surplus will then be split 20% for the original bike minter, 30% for the previous holder (you in this case), and 50% for the prize pool. That means you make money when your bikes are stolen.

Is Citi Bike Race only available in NYC?

You can mint bikes IRL in NYC, and you can steal Citi Bike NFTs from anywhere in the world to join the race.

How can I get in touch with the Citi Bike Race team?

DM us on Twitter @CitiBikeNY.