Citi Bike, meet Web3

Race Status

Mint a bike to join the race



Go to any dock in NYC, open our new app, and scan the bike's QR to mint.



Once you've minted a bike, your distance counter begins. The rarer the bike, the faster you travel. Beware of bike stealers!



At the end of 10 days, the 5 riders with the top distance scores will be rewarded the prize money.

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Meet the bikes

Upon reveal, each bike has a distinct set of traits. Maybe you get a Based Blue, or you might just score the elusive Night Rider. Whatever your preference, Citi Bike Race has a ride for you.

Racing tips

A few things to keep in mind before you get racing.

Reinvent your routine

Tired of your regular commute? Mint a bike NFT instead of going to work.

Want to chat with other Racers?